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 Naruto fan-fic

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PostSubject: Naruto fan-fic   Sat Apr 10, 2010 12:32 am

Here is my Naruto fan fic. It involves the battle between Naruto and Sasuke, the final one in Naruto Shippuden
Naruto's color is blue
Sasuke's color is red
Kakshi's color is green
Sakura's color is pink

Chapter 1: Naruto and Sasuke, A Battle To The Death!
After Madara's death, Sasuke is left behind to finish waht he started. Sasuke arrives at Konoha and Naruto is there waiting him
Sasuke....Since you want to burn down Konoha and kill the elders, you are my enemy. I had enough trying to bring you back. Let's finish this, SASUKE!
Naruto....You are no match for my Sharingan. Now I took Madara's eyes, my Amaterasu and Susan'o are even more powerful.
Sasuke drew his Katana and rushed at Naruto. Naruto drew a Kunai and rushed at Sasuke
But I won't bother using my Sharingan to kill you...
The two friends clashed and a small shockwave was created. The ground craked and a crater was created by the chakra of the two
A shadow clone made a red rasengan in Naruto's other hand. Meanwhile, Sasuke created a chidori. They both activated their most powerful modes: Sasuke his Mangakyo and Naruto the Sage Mode and clashed their jutsus
What is this? Your eyes and chakra!?
It is called Sage Mode! Let me show you something! Rasenrengan!!!!
Another shadow clone made one more rasengan at Naruto's other hand. Naruto put the rasengans togrther, incrasing the chakra massively. Sasuke was hit by the jutsu but appeared cover in a Red Susan'o with no damage
My eyes hurt....Naruto! This is Susan'o. If you manage to break through the armor, I will call you Hokage!
Tsk! Sage Art: Super Great Ball Rasengan
Naruto rushed at Sasuke with a huge Rasengan in his hand. He hit the Susan'o but could not manage to pierce its defense. Suddenly, Naruto was grabbed by Susan'o and stabbed by his balde. Slowly a hole was made in Naruto's stomach and the Kyuubi Chakra was beign absorebed by the Susan'o.
I will take the 9 Tails from you. You will die and I will gain a weapon to crush Konoha!
Naruto was unable to move and began to scream in pain. Kakashi arrived at the battle field along with Sakura and watched the fight.
Sakura! Stay here! We will need you to heal Naruto!
What about you Kakashi-Sensei?!
I will help Naruto...Mangekyou Sharingan!
Kakashi activated his Mangekyo and aimed at Sasuke's Susan'o. A yellowish light appeared and the Susan'o's hand along with Sasuke's hand was transfered into another dimension.
Shit! I didn't get him!!!
Some blood fell on the ground from Sasuke's hand, but it wasn't cut off.
Well done, Kakashi. You stoped me from killing Naruto. You aimed for my head, but I sensed you. Activating your Mangekyo requires a lot of chakra. Now, see how I CAN USE IT! AMATERASU![/spoiler][font=Times New Roman][spoiler=Chapter 2][size=x-large]Chapter 2: Tails Released! Naruto Stands And Fights![/size]
Black flames appeared in front of Kakashi, burning him. Suddenly Kakashi was replaced by a log.
Oodama Rasengan!
Naruto aimed at Sasuke's stomach with his huge rasengan. Meanwhile, Sakura was healing Kakashi
Sensei! What did you just do? Sasuke's chakra is dramaticaly decreased!
Nice try!
Sasuke was hit, but he had no damage. He got up and made a chidori.
I have leveled the chidori a little. I can combine it with my Fire Nature, in order to create a more powerful version of it. Let me show it to you, Naruto!
The chidori became red and flames surrounded Sasuke's hand. A flash blinded Naruto for some seconds and then he saw a Fire Hurricane on Sasuke's hand.
Katon: Flaming Chidori!
Fuuton: Rasenshuriken!
The two jutsus clashed and the area was oblitarated. Naruto was pushed back.
I can't keep this up! Sasuke!
Naruto unleashed a huge ammount of Kyuubi's chakra and activated his 3 tails form. The rasenshuriken became bigger and Sasuke was blown away, but he took no damage.
You must be wondering about the damage, right? It is called Izanagi.
Some blood fell from Sasuke's eyes. He walked towards Naruto and drew his katana. Naruto created 2 shadow clones and drew a kunai. The two began to fight but no one was beign hurt. Sasuke deactivated his Sharingan and jumped at the Hokage momument, at the 4th face.
Naruto, I had enough. Fire Style: Dragon Flame Bullet!
Sasuke shoot his fire at the clouds to warm them as he did in the battle against Itachi. Naruto looke up suprised.
What? Why did you do that for, Sasuke!
Sasuke looked up and then at Naruto. He drew his katana and threw it in the air.
I will end this in one slash. The final slash you will ever see.
Sasuke raised his hand up and guided the Kirin to his blade. The powerful jutsu merged with the katana and formed the most deadly weapon in the ninja world. Naruto was shocked and waited for Sasuke's next action. Sasuke grabbed the katana and teleported in front of Naruto.
So long, jinchuriki. So long NARUTO!
Sasuke swinged his sword and some blood fell on the ground and a body fell down as well.
Chapter 3: Fall Of A Friend! Naruto Goes Mad!
Sakura saved Naruto from beign hit by Sasuke, she fell down in pain.Naruto made a hand sign and a wind pushed Sasuke away. Naruto kneeled and huged Sakura. He placed his hand at her wound.
B-beacuse.....I l-love you dummy....
Sakura said her last words as she died in Naruto's ams. Sasuke watched and placed his Katana in its place.
Huh...Sakura died to protect Naruto....how odd. And I wasted my one-slice-death to her. Now I can't use it again. Hear that Naruto? I will have to kill you using my fists.
Naruto got up and activated his Sage Mode fused with the Kyuubi Chakra. Kakashi arrived at the battle field.
Kakashi-sensei. Take Sakura to Tsunade and do not come back.
Be carefull Naruto
Kakashi took Sakura and left. Naruto walked towards Sasuke and took off his shirt. He drew a Kunai and charged at him
Sasuke.....As Hokage I have to make hard descissions.
Naruto's Kunai clashed with Sasuke's Katana. Sasuke tryied to activate his Sharingan but it had no effect.
Damn! Kakashi's attack drained my chakra! I have to wait 15 minutes till I activate it again!
As I said I became Hokage yesterday. And I made my descission. I will kill you!
Naruto and Sasuke both jumped back. Naruto created some shadow clones and Sasuke watched.
Kakashi told me that after he uses Kamui against him I have 15 minutes before he can use it again! So here goes!
The shadow clones tackled Sasuke and Naruto guided a Rasengan into his chest but Sasuke was replaced by a rock. He appeared behind Naruto and sliced his arm with his Katana. Naruto jumped back in pain and created some more shadow clones. They all attacked Sasuke and the real Naruto hit him with a Chou Oodama Rasengan. Sasuke fell down and the ground crashed.
Wha--but only 10 minutes passed--
Naruto was covered in the black flames and fell on the ground burning. He searched in his pocket for a scroll. Sasuke came closer and grinned at Naruto.
Right, only 10 minutes passed but I already had releashed another amaterasu at the begining of our fight, so that hit you!
Chapter 4: A Konoha Ninja Dead! Who Is It? A Leaf Falls!
Naruto got up and made a hand sign. A huge ammount of chakra was released and Sasuke was pushed backwards. Naruto broke free from the flames and rushed at Sasuke with no weapon. Sasuke drew his Katana and stabed Naruto in the arm.
Is that a plan? Attack me unarmed?
Naruto did not speak he just released his Senjutsu chakra to the atmosphere.
Answer me Hokage!
Sasuke......If you manage to live....take care of Sakura
Naruto touched Sasuke and all of his chakra was sealed inside him. A seal was made on Naruto's chest as well as on Sasuke's chest. Sasuke's body exploded and Naruto's chakra was drained. Naruto was onlt left with the 1% of his chakra. He went at the village and visited Sakura.
Naruto! What happened?
Is Sasuke...
Sakura.....will you do me a favour?
Please name your first child....Minato...
Naruto said his last words and died along with the Kyuubi.
A true Hokage.....Naruto..
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Naruto fan-fic
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