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 Club Rules

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PostSubject: Club Rules   Club Rules EmptyFri Apr 09, 2010 11:58 pm

1) Clubs needs some form of topic.

What said topic is I don’t care (so long as it’s forum appropriate), you just need one. Topics that don’t have some over branching idea will often get swing wildly from one idea to another with no common link and as such is just general banter. This kind of stuff will not be tolerated.

2) Getting off Topic (ie: spamming in a club)

Continuing from the thought process from the last point my actions in regard to a spam club will often follow this guide.

I) Has no common thought: These kinds of clubs are ones that just seem to have no topic. Normally a club will have it’s guide in the first post (hint: have what your clubs topic is in the first post) and clubs that fall under this group will not have that often implying it is a club in which you can talk about anything. The other way to fall into this group is to have a club with a topic but almost everything in the topic is just general, meaningless, talk. The first FTK thread is a great example of this where even though they had a topic of fake types the club itself was just a spam hole. These threads will get locked 99% of the time. If this happens you are free to remake the thread though.

II) Has topic, but has just gotten really spammy: Much like one these are clubs that have lost sight of their original topic (if they even had one). However the club has tried to keep on topic and have some rules in regard to spamming in the club (hint: have rules about what happens to people that spam a club). These clubs will either getting a warning added to their club and, if needed, will be locked for a short time. The warning system will be worked out in the next rule. As for the locking of a club it will be a short lock (1 to 2 days) to give the club members a sign to stop with the spam. It will also give the club a chance to start new with out having to have a new club made. When the club is unlocked I will bump it back to the first page.

III) Clubs that only just started to get spammy: This clubs again have lost sight of their original topic, however what sets them apart from the over group is, as you can guess, it only recently happened. These clubs will simply get a warning added. Also as a note, I foresee this to be the rarest group.

3) Warning

The warning system will be some similar to the warning system used for members of the forum. The basic warnings will range anywhere from 10% to 50% based on how bad the spam is. Once a club gets a warning of 50% or more it will be temp locked (see rule 2: II for how I will deal with temp locks). Once a club reaches 100% it will be perm locked. Warning will go away after 1 to 3 months based on what the warning was.

4) What are we talking about

Avoid asking question. It’s that simple. Take 2 min and go check what the club as been talking about. If I see a person continuously ask this question I will give them a 10% warn.

5) The stickies

I If a stuck club is inactive for over a week it will be unstuck.

II After 3/4 months all current stuck clubs will be unstuck. This is to allow a verity of clubs a chance to become stuck. Clubs that are unstuck this was will be able to reapply to be a sticky the next the application thread is reopened.
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Club Rules
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