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 Anime Section Guied and Rules

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Anime Section Guied and Rules Empty
PostSubject: Anime Section Guied and Rules   Anime Section Guied and Rules EmptySun Apr 11, 2010 7:02 pm

Main Rules:
1) The tread title must be refering to the sertain part you whant to talk about.For example Kabuto has revived somebody in a coffin that noone knows who it is.The treads title should be Naruto chapter .... not who was in the coffin.Don't spoil the fun for people who still haven't read the manga.

2) Anything that isn't releted to Naruto or Bleach post in other animes.

3) When talking about something from a surtain anime post it in the tread made for the anime or simply create a topic about that anime.

4) All other main GFXF rules apply.

Other Rules

Don't flame on people who don't know much about a certain anime.Have fun and let the others around you have fun as well.
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Anime Section Guied and Rules
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