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 + Graphics Rules (Applies to entire GFX Forum) +

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Sakura Haruno
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+ Graphics Rules (Applies to entire GFX Forum) + Empty
PostSubject: + Graphics Rules (Applies to entire GFX Forum) +   + Graphics Rules (Applies to entire GFX Forum) + EmptySun Apr 11, 2010 6:30 pm

Rules will be sub-categorized by their specific forums


1) Please do not steal ANY content and claim it is your own. This includes taking the works of other members on this site and/or from somewhere else and claim you made it. If you feel that your work has been ripped, report the offending post immediately and I will deal with it when I see it.

2) Unless you own the artwork on it, please do not post any pictures from Deviantart because you may be held liable for any charges pressed by the owner. Remember that you are not supposed to be posting any works from that site without the explicit permission of the creator.

3) Please DO NOT harshly criticize GFX. This includes calling it "a piece of dirt" or something along those lines. You are free to be critical about the flaws, but please do not act like a jerk and tell the artist that their works suck. Instead, give good things about it and things that can be done to improve.

4) ~JG~ Rule

This rule is specifically designed in response to this thread on YCM. Any threads with intent to raid a site, such as GIMPer, will be deleted on the spot and thread creator will be banned.


1) Keep in mind that you are allowed to post any resources that are needed in this forum. Basically I have no rule for this forum, other than no stealing content.


1) No selling generated items (anything done with MyBannerMaker, Pokemon Card Maker, etc.) Only exception is if you need to do a Dark Synchro or anything that requires the card maker (EXCEPT making it for other reasons)

2) Inverts MUST be free as they do not take much time to do.

3) If a request is finished, please change the title to LOCK or add it in the front of your previous title.

Graphic Competitions

1) You MUST use your own GFX, no borrowing it from someone as it is considered cheating.

Other than that, pretty much that's it.

+ Graphics Rules (Applies to entire GFX Forum) + 2yxk66q
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+ Graphics Rules (Applies to entire GFX Forum) +
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