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 Fan-Fic Rules

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General Rules
The fanfiction forum is a part of the Anime Maniac community. Henceforth, all rules specified by the moderators are applied here as well.

Not all fanfics are appropriate for all members here on AM. Therefore, when posting a fanfic aimed at a specific group, put the appropriate tag in the title:

1. PG-13
If your fanfic includes mild swearing, a degree of graphical violence, or mild sexual content, it is better placed as a PG-13.
2. PG-16
If your fanfic includes harsh language, strong graphical violence, or a higher degree of sexual content, it is classified as PG-16.
3. M
M-rated fanfiction, including, gore, graphical violence or extreme sexual content, are not allowed at the Anime Maniac Forum. A large part of our members are eighteen or under: Having an M-rated fanfiction here wouldn't make any sense.

Threads and Fanfics
A fanfiction does not need more than one thread. There's no need to clutter up the forum with each new chapter in a new thread, and you surely don't need a “Table of Contents” thread with links to all chapters. The first post should also include an excerpt from your fanfiction, may it be a prologue or a chapter. Anything, as long as it contains a story.

Other Threads

* Help Requests
The title says it all, doesn't it? You are allowed to make threads if you are working on a fanfiction, and you just don't have any inspiration. The board's here to help you. Just make sure that you name the topic in question appropriately.
* Character Submissions
If you are going to present a new fanfiction, but you need more characters for later chapters or maybe even for the first chapter, post a thread. This thread should include a form for character. If you don't feel like making one yourself, feel free to copy and paste this form:
* Competitions
Any member can host a writing competition. However, you can only host one writing competition at a time. The rules for each contest must be written out precisely in the first post, to avoid any confusions. You can offer points and reps as Prizes: A total of six reps and 1500 points can be given out as a maximum per contest. If you don't know how to arrange your prizes, I can give you some help on that.
1st Prize: 3 reps, 600 points
2nd Prize: 2 reps, 500 points
3rd Prize: 1 Rep, 400 points
Of course, points aren't mandatory.

When posting a fanfic that you are not the original author of, you must credit the original author. Otherwise, the thread will be locked and you will be warned. (The exact amount is yet to be specified, will be around 20-30%.)

The Jack Witt Clause

You must be able to take criticism for your fanfic. Neg-repping a person just because they gave you a bad review or told you that your fanfic was bad in any other way is NOT OK. And most definitely, you should NOT REPORT IT. Instead, learn to live the comments and improve from them.

Counter Clause!
The Jack Witt Clause does not validate personal insults. "This fanfic is bad" is ok, since it might be. "You are a worthless piece of sh't" is not valid.

If you want any specific posts in your thread deleted (because of spam or other valid reasons), either report it, or if I'm online, send me a PM and I'll handle it personally.

Script Format

Script format, writing your fanfic with a layout similar to a theatrical play or a film manuscript, is not allowed.

Alice: Hey, Bob! What's up?

Bob: Nothing special, Alice.
A fanfic that uses script format is reportable. You will be given ONE WEEK to adjust your fanfic to this rule.
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Fan-Fic Rules
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